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Efficiency Comparison of kitchen and backpacking stove

kitchen stoveKitchen stoves come in many varieties and types and the same is also true for backpacking stoves. They vary from one another in one aspect or the other. There are stoves which burn using fuel while some burn with gas and some use heat generated from electricity. Today there are also backpacking stoves available and these are mainly used when people are travelling. An example of a backpacking stove is solo stove. Let us now compare the efficiency of kitchen stoves with the backpacking stoves from different aspects.

  1. Cooking capacity- The cooking capacity of the kitchen stove is much more than a backpacking stove. When you have guests coming to your house you can rely on the kitchen stove for cooking food for a large number of people because the capacity is more.
  2. Number of burners – The kitchen stoves usually have 2 to 4 burners which makes the cooking fast and convenient where you can cook multiple recipes at the same time. On the other hand, in case of the backpack stoves there is only one burner attached and only one recipe can be cooked at a time
  3. Burner type – When you see the burners with the kitchen stoves you can see that they quite adjustable. The flame can be increased or decreased according to the requirement but in the case of the backpacking stove, the adjustment cannot be done so efficiently.
  4. Purpose – The kitchen stoves are used for cooking food in the house kitchen whereas the backpack stoves are ideal for use when people are travelling.
  5. Weight – The kitchen stoves are heavy and cannot be carried from one place to another easily whereas the backpack stoves are light weighted and they can be easily carried and hence suitable for carrying in the backpack.
  6. The capacity of fuel content and fuel efficiency – The kitchen stoves are usually connected to gas or fuel chambers which are huge and can run for longer periods of time. There are gas or fuel connections which provide the fuel continuously to the stove and the bill for the consumption is generated once in a month. If you consider the gas bill at the end of the month with the fuel you consume in a backpacking stove, you can see that kitchen stoves are more fuel efficient than the camping ones. Alternatively, there are also gas chambers which store the fuel and the stove can be used till the time the fuel is available. In the case of backpack stoves, the fuel is stored in a small container and hence it runs for a shorter time. You can find a lot of backpacking stoves reviews in the website best backpacking stove.


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