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Choosing Blinds for a Kids Room

Decorating the nursery when a baby is born is something that parents often plan and think about for months before the baby is born. Finding a design that’s going to be child friendly for the child that is going to grow up in the space, that’s going to be functional for the parents that are using the space and that’s also going to provide a fun design is something that can take time to plan and execute.

From the bedroom furniture to the bamboo blinds that are going to be used in the space, there are a few things that parents should consider when they are thinking about the window coverings that are going to be used in the space.


Are the Blinds Going to Block the Sun?

It’s important to find blinds for a child’s space that are going to have the ability to block out the sun. During naps or the time of the year when it’s still going to be light when the child is going to bed, it’s important to be able to shut the blinds and create a sleeping space that is going to be dark and cool, allowing the child to fall asleep easily.

When you’re searching for blinds, you’re going to want to search for blackout blinds that have the ability to block out most of the sun, such as Payless Décor’s blinds at These blinds are going to be lined in the back to provide these properties. Look at the quality of the stitching on the back, the materials the blinds are made out of and the price range of the blinds.


Consider the Safety :

When blinds are being used in the room of the child (or anywhere throughout the house where children are going to be present) it’s important to consider the safety of the blinds. There are many bamboo blinds that have cordless operating, allowing the parent to open and close the blinds without cords being used.

For blinds that don’t include the cordless technology, parents should be diligent when it comes to the use of the blinds, keeping them out of the reach of children. Strings and cords on the blinds should not be accessible to the child and should therefore be looped around the top, or tied where the child isn’t going to be able to reach them.


Cost :

While shopping for blinds and curtains, parents should consider the cost. Look for blinds that are created with high quality fabrics and attention to detail through the stitching and other features. You’re going to want to choose blinds that are a versatile design, that are going to be able to be used on the windows as long as the room is going to be used by the child.

Finding versatile blinds and curtains that are going to transition into childhood for the child can be a great way to reduce buying the same product multiple times, saving you money when it comes to decorating the child’s room. Shop online, compare prices and look through blinds warehouses to find the best prices.


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