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Buying Indoor Creche Sets: What You Need to Know

During Christmas time, it is natural to see people decorating their homes with garlands, lights, stockings, Christmas trees and other ornaments that represent the spirit of merrymaking. Among the important decors around the world is the crèche as it depicts the scene of Jesus’ birth which is significant to Christians and other forms of faith.

The nativity scene was first created by Saint Francis of Assisi in his attempt to share the real essence of Christmas. Many people put emphasis on giving expensive gifts during such season which somehow makes people thrive on materialism. Saint Francis portrayed the nativity scene in order for people to realize the inspiration that they can get from Jesus’ birth. Happiness in humility is something that most people forget whenever the holidays are near which is why this symbol is important to remind everyone of the reason why Christmas is celebrated.

The First Nativity Scene

In 1223, the nativity scene was first seen in Greccio, Italy. Saint Francis gathered people to reenact the birth of Jesus Christ in a cave. Humans and animals played live roles as Pope Honorius III gave his blessing to do the exhibit. This act became very popular in Italy and has spread out all over the world. As years went by, live actors were replaced by statues and figurines and are displayed mostly during Christmas time.Saint Patrick’s Guild has many nativity sets to choose from.

Indoor Nativity Sets

Nativity sets come in different sizes and designs. There are many versions that emerged from different countries through the years but the essence remains as the scene is always portrayed by animals, a manger, the Three Wise Kings, the Holy Family and the Star of David. Some sets can be used outdoors which can be seen in most churches during Christmas season. Many people also use indoor nativity sets at home and place them under Christmas trees.

Choosing the Right Pieces

Many people prefer to buy sets instead of purchasing characters piece by piece. There are many shops that sell nativity sets so it is best to look at options before purchasing any of them. There are pieces made from wood, plastic, fiber glass and paper maché and they all have different qualities. They vary in color, texture and weight. Nativity sets made of wood and fiber glass can last for a long time while those made of paper and plastic can be used for a couple of times with proper care. After using your set, it is best to keep them in a place where they are free from moisture and pests. You can ask for proper care instructions when purchasing them at the store to ensure that you clean and store them the right way.

These are just a few things to keep in mind about nativity sets. There are many types of these sets today and they can be purchased easily through Christian stores and online shops. If you are planning to buy one for your home, make sure that you know how much space you have available so you can choose the size of your nativity set.


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