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Vastu Shastra For Home Entrance

images (20)The entry to any home is not only the first impression of one’s family members, but it is also the entry to energies coming into the property. Vastu for a house starts with its primary entrance or door. While the guidelines, color, space of other rooms of the property does be a factor in changing the energy flow, house door plays a greater part.

Importance of Home Entrance

Vastu shastra for house entrance suggests that any property with entry experiencing towards the south west direction must be completely prevented as this is the route of demon energy, which brings loss. As per Feng Shui, if prosperity energy of the property is excellent, residents tend to flourish in initial 4-5 years however a reduction in resources may be expected. Vastu shastra solutions state that houses with doors towards south west route may use gemstones like pearl, sapphire or earth crystals after talking to an expert in order to reduce the intensity faced because of such problems. The entrance which faces the south tends to carry sickness, court issues as well as anger in the property. One of the vastu shastra solutions to reduce such ill effect is to attach stickers with Gayatri Mantras on each side of the primary entrance on the external surfaces. In such cases too, the usage of gemstones such as sapphire, coral etc will help in reducing the problems. South facing entry tends to carry to the property sharp energy that affects the field of positive power in the property. In this case the entry is synonymous with an active social scene which may carry justifications and arguments in the property environment. The remedy states that solving two tiles with Hanumanji’s image helps the residents of the property. One may also use cat’s eye or lead.


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