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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofer

Whether you need a brand new roof put on your home or just need a roofing company to come and make some routine repairs, it’s very important to hire the best contractor you can find. When you choose an experienced roofer, your investment will be protected and you can rest assured that you receive a leak-free roofing job.

To find a local roofer, you could check the area Yellow Pages, run a search online or ask people you know for recommendations. Once you have a short list of a few roofers you are interested in, it’s time to get in touch with each of them so you can ask a few pertinent questions. Here are some important questions you should ask every roofing company on your list.

What’s Your Level of Experience?
Of course price is an important question to ask but before that, you should find out what type of experience the roofing company has with regards to your specific project. Roofing firms often specialize in different types of roofs such as tile, asphalt, metal and slate so it’s important that you hire a contractor who has lots of experience installing/fixing roofs like yours.

When Can You Work on My Roof?
Always be sure to ask a roofing company about their work load before hiring them. You need to find out when the firm can start as well as when you can expect the job to be finished. It’s also important to find out what happens if there are delays such as bad weather.

Is Your Company Fully Insured?
Every reputable roofing firm will carry insurance that covers accidents that happen on other people’s property, as well insurance restoration software. The last thing you need as a homeowner is to find out the hard way that the roofing contractor did not carry adequate insurance when a worker sustains an injury while working on your property. To avoid a messy and potentially very expensive legal situation, ask to see proof of the roofer’s insurance just to be on the safe side.

Do You Have References I can See?
Any reliable roofing firm will have some references readily available so ask! You also should do a bit of investigative work yourself online to see what type of reputation the roofing company has. When you contact a reference, ask them if they were happy with the work performed and if everything went along smoothly. Did the workers show up on time each day? Did they clean up their own messes? What was the quality of the workmanship?

Do You Provide a Warranty on Workmanship?
While most roofing companies provide warranties on the materials they use, many do not provide a warranty on workmanship. This is why you need to make sure to ask about this as you should be provided with at least a one year warranty on workmanship. When asking this question, find out what exactly is covered and what’s not. Ask to see the warranty in writing so you can look it over carefully before signing a contract.


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