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Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor

A poorly done job by a roofing company can result in leaks and costly repairs in the future which means you’d have to invest even more money and time into your roof. It is therefore important to choose a roofing contractor with extreme caution to ensure that the job gets done right the first time around. Here are some important questions to ask any roofing contractor you are thinking of using.

Are You Insured?
The contractor you use should have worker’s comp and liability insurance to protect you in case an accident happens. Worker’s comp protects you if a roof worker is injured while at your home and liability insurance offers you protection from damages that are caused by the workers. If the roofing contractor you use doesn’t have Worker’s Comp, you could end up paying medical bills if one of the workers is injured while installing your new roof. And without liability insurance, you would have to cover any costs associated with damages done to your home that were caused by the roofers.

Are You Licensed?
Ask the roofing contractor if he/she is licensed by your city or state. Laws governing residential contract work can vary greatly from one city and state to another so if you don’t know what the licensing laws are in your city and state, find out by contacting the licensing authority in your area. The contractor you use should show you his or her business license that grants him or her the right to carry out business in your city and state.

Can I See Some References?
Any legitimate roofing company will gladly show you some references so do ask! Ask for the locations of local job sites you can drive by to see the past work done by the contractor. If you are given a few references to call, do get in touch with those people so you can ask them how pleased they were with the roofing contractor they used. Ask specifics like whether or not the roofers were on time and if they finished he project within budget.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?
A good roofer with a spotless reputation will provide you with a 1-year warranty or guarantee. Ask the contractor if he or she provides you with a warranty and if so, what the terms are. The chances are you’ll be told that the materials used are warranted by the manufacturers and that the work itself is guaranteed to be sound by the roofing company itself.

Do You Sub-Contract Out?
The roofing contractor you hire should never use subcontractors. This is why you need to ask any roofing company you are interested in using if it uses sub-contracts out. The last thing you need is a bunch of inexperienced, sloppy roofers showing up at your home. Big roofing companies with poor reputations tend to sub-contract a lot of their work out in order to gain as much business as possible so it would be beneficial to steer clear of these large roofing firms and to instead hire a small roofing company that still takes pride in its services and quality of work on offer.


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