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Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

PL1Decorating your home in an eco-friendly fashion does not have to be expensive or over the top. In fact, it can help to save you some money by using less non-renewable resources, less energy and less water. You will find that the items do not look much different than what you already use because these are the same items, but they are just made from different materials. When you choose to go green in your home you will find that it is healthier, lighter and just feels more relaxing.


Recycle Some Furniture

Before you buy something new for your home, consider looking for it used. You can find almost all types of furniture and accessories at places like flea markets and antiques stores. Older pieces tend to have better craftsmanship and you can find many very unique furniture items and accessories this way so that you can add some flair to your interior design. This will help to reduce your carbon footprint and it will keep your wallet happier too.


Cover Your Windows

Energy costs can be significantly reduced when you keep the heat and the cold out, depending on the season. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a good shade like cellular shades. These are very easy to apply and operate and will help you to reduce energy costs, which in turn, will reduce your utility budget. You can also add some curtains to the mix to add a little bit more protection against the weather and the elements, as well as to add a more decorative touch.


Reuse Items That Are Set for the Trash

Some items can have a second life and will not need to be tossed into the trash. For example, if you have an old wine crate, turn it into a wine rack by adding a small shelves that that are big enough to accommodate a bottle of wine. You can usually make room for six bottles and this new wine rack will fit in with most decorating schemes.


Get Crafty

If you want to save the environment and some money at the same time, put your craft skills to the test. Buy sustainable fabrics and make your own throw blankets and pillows for various items in your home. It actually is not that hard to sew these items and there are plenty of simple tutorials online that will have you creating your own accent pieces in no time.


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