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Convenient Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood FlooringIf your home’s hardwood floors have become creaky and worn, it may be time to replace them. Rather than swap them out for new hardwood floors, you’d be wise to consider some of the affordable alternatives. In addition to being susceptible to stains, scoffs and scratches, hardwood flooring is expensive to install and difficult to maintain. Homeowners who are ready for new flooring are sure to love the following alternatives to hardwood.

Very popular in kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl flooring has been a mainstay in private residences and commercial buildings since the 1980s. In addition to being extremely durable, vinyl tiles and planks can be more cost effective than traditional hardwood flooring.If you love the look of hardwood floors, you’ll be pleased to learn that vinyl flooring is available in many hardwood-replication varieties. These tiles and planks bear such a striking resemblance to genuine hardwood, you’ll be the only one who knows the difference. Alternatively, if stone flooring is more to your liking, you’ll love the seemingly endless selection of stone-replication tiles found at most vinyl flooring retailers.

Unlike stone and hardwood, vinyl flooring is very easy to clean. With regular sweeps and the occasional mopping, you can keep your vinyl tiles looking like new for years to come. By extension, homeowners with energetic pets are sure to appreciate vinyl’s scratch-resistant nature.

Eco-conscious homeowners who pride themselves on staying green should look into bamboo flooring. Unlike hardwood trees, bamboo plants can reach full maturity in as little as three years. This fast renewability makes bamboo plentiful and inexpensive, thus setting it apart from other natural construction materials. As reports, bamboo is one of the most rapidly renewable timber sources on the planet. Once processed, bamboo looks exactly like hardwood flooring, ensuring that all but the most experienced carpenters won’t be able to tell the difference. In addition to being naturally water-resistant, bamboo flooring is resilient against strong impacts that canscratch or warp hardwood.

Although most bamboo floors can be cleaned with a water-dampened mop or washcloth, an over-the-counter bamboo cleaner can give your floor an extra shine. Keep in mind, however, that using waxes or cleaning solutions designed for hardwood floors on bamboo flooring is liable to have a discoloring effect.

Porcelain Tile
If you’re looking for resilient flooring that will last a lifetime, look no further than porcelain tile. Not only can porcelain tile flooring give your home a classy feel, it’s also completely resistant to moisture, stains and scratches. Due to its extreme durability, porcelain tile is often used in high-traffic stores and office buildings. Furthermore, because of its natural sheen, porcelain tile never needs to be waxed, polished or sealed. Although over-the-counter porcelain tile cleaners are readily available, a damp cloth should be all you need to keep your porcelainfloors nice and shiny.

When shopping around for new flooring, remember that your options aren’t limited to hardwood.While hardwood looks great if properly maintained, the level of care a typical hardwood floor requires can really eat away at your time. In addition to saving you time and money, making the jump to alternative flooring can effectively breathe new life into any area of your home.


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