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Ceiling Leaks and Water Restoration Essentials

The best method of taking care of an emergency water intrusion from the ceiling is to get help from experts that know how to get the situation under control quickly. There are still a few things you can do right away to help minimize the damage while you wait for help to arrive.

Take Electronics and Paper Items Out of the Area
Safely unplug any electronic items in the area of the ceiling leak and place them in a safe zone. You do not want the risk of electrical shock, or the items to be ruined by water damage. It does not take much water to destroy electronics like televisions, stereos, DVD players and appliances. Documents, books, pictures and any sensitive paper-based products should be removed and stored in a dry area.

Remove furnishings from the area of water intrusion quickly. Wipe off all of the surfaces you can to avoid wood swelling, or corrosion of any metal products. Professional water restoration experts can remove the water and clean cushioned couches, chairs and similar items. make sure all furniture is completely dry to avoid problems with mold and mildew growth.

Carpeting and Tile
Standing water on carpeting and tile can be a huge problem. You need to have the water removed to avoid damage to the floor support system. Pumps will be necessary if the water level is high. A wet-dry vacuum will help gather up the rest of the water. This can be very exhaustive work and is often preferred to hire professionals with better equipment than is standard on the market.

Benefits of Fans
Strategically placing fans in areas of water intrusion will dramatically help in the drying process. This process can take some time if you are using standard box fans. Industrial size fans speed up drying time and are an essential part of equipment with expert water restoration personnel.

What Lies Beyond the Drywall?
Ceiling leaks from roof damage, or leaking plumbing pipes tend to do more than take out parts of materials that are overhead. The water can also leak down the sides of the walls and collect in hidden areas. Serious water leaks from the ceiling should be looked at by an expert to determine if there is water damage hiding behind the drywall. This should be removed to avoid a problem with black mold.

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