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4 Good Reasons to Go with LED Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting has entered the eco-friendly revolution and in a big way. Today, homeowners don’t have to spend lots of money for very complicated systems of cables, trenches, extra fuse boxes and electricians unless they choose to. While an incandescent light bulb can provide ample lighting, just a couple of drops of water from rainfall or the sprinkling system can ruin it for good. LED landscape lighting is far more practical as it’s eco-friendly, uses less electricity and the bulbs have a much longer lifespan than their incandescent counterparts.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to illuminate your yard, garden or patio, here are four really good reasons to go with LED outdoor lighting.

Saves You a Lot of Money in the Long Run
While LED lighting initially may cost more than regular outdoor lighting, this eco-friendly lighting can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. LED light bulbs burn much longer than incandescent bulbs which means you won’t have to continually replace burned out bulbs. That’s money in your pocket and a less headaches as it’s never a pleasant task to have to switch bulbs and especially in the winter months.

They Run Cooler
If you have kids or pets who occupy your yard regularly, you will not have to worry about burns from hot light bulbs. This is because LED light bulbs emit much less heat than their incandescent counterparts. And, because the bulbs emit little heat, your plants and vegetation won’t be harmed. Another advantage to the low emission of heat associated with these bulbs is that you’ll have fewer insects buzzing around your lights. If you were to have outdoor lighting which makes use of regular, incandescent bulbs that produce heat, insects are naturally drawn to the heat. The fact that bugs are less attracted to LED bulbs is one of the main reasons homeowners choose this lighting for pool areas and patios.

Wide Array of Style Options
LED landscape lighting systems come in a wide variety of style options. Whether you’re interested in a very contemporary design for your new home to enhance its curb appeal or wish to simply put in some practical lighting to ward off burglars and to make walkways safe, you’re sure to find LED outdoor lights just right for your application.

It’s Eco-Friendly Lighting that Saves Energy
LED lights of the highest quality are efficient and long-running to make them eco-friendly. This means it’s easier than ever to “go green” with your outdoor lighting project. The energy efficiency of LED outdoor lights is a main draw for homeowners looking to save on money and maintenance. Another earth-friendly aspect of these lights is the fact that LED bulbs don’t contain mercury gas like their standard counterparts meaning they don’t pose an environmental threat when being disposed of.

As you can see, there are some clear advantages associated with choosing LED landscape lighting. Most lighting specialty stores online and locally offer a vast assortment of this type of outdoor lighting due to it’s increasing popularity among homeowners. If you want to save money, change bulbs less often and illuminate your property safely while enhancing its beauty, do consider this outdoor lighting choice that’s taking the world by storm.


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