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3 Advantages of a Green Home

If you’re a fan of popular cable channels like Home and Garden TV, better known as HGTV, you know that green homes are extremely popular these days. Unfortunately, television shows rarely do a good job of explaining what a green home is and why anyone should care.

The fact is, many prospective homeowners look at green features in the same way they look at stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. This is a big mistake because green features are far from superfluous and are anything but cosmetic.

If you actually look into green homes and how they’re built, you’ll find that these builds are very complicated, and also that they provide real value for their owners and the world as a whole. If you’ve been interested in reducing your carbon footprint, along with your monthly utility bills, you’ll want to keep reading to find out exactly what green builds have to offer.

Good for the Environment
One of the biggest benefits of green building is that they reduce the amount of energy used to heat, cool and power the home.

This means you’ll find windows and doors that are sealed tight and retain the hot (or cold) air inside. With less air slipping out of the home through gaps in doors and windows, the homeowner uses a lot less of the earth’s limited resources to keep his home warm and toasty.

The philosophy of green builds carries over to the bathroom where advanced shower heads insure that end users can enjoy high pressure showers, without using excessive amounts of water. Green homes also feature low pressure toilets that use a lot less water than previous generations of toilets, while still taking care of business.

All of these savings on water and heat help insure that green homeowners are using less heat and water than they did in their old homes and that’s great news for the environment.

Long Term Servings
Of course it’s not just the planet that benefits from the dawn of green homes; the homeowners themselves come out pretty well, too. Though retrofitting an older home with green features, or building a certified green home from scratch, can be more expensive than traditional home building in the short run, the long term payoff more than makes up the difference.

Green homeowners enjoy significantly lower utility bills than traditional homes because they’re not letting all that hot and cold air slip outside because of poorly insulated walls. If you’ve ever experienced the shock of $500 electrical bill in the middle of a hot summer, you know what we’re talking about.

High Resale Value
If you’re looking for a way to reduce the time that your home spends on the real estate market when you’re ready to sell, just slap the words, “Green Build,” in the text on the homes for sale sites where you’ve got it listed. Today’s energy conscious home are always on the lookout for energy efficient homes and are willing to pay a premium for them.

Not only do green homes sell faster than their less efficient counterparts, they command higher prices, too.

When you add up the financial and environmental benefits of green homes, you’ll find that they’re pretty hard to beat.


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