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Why Same-Day Refrigerator Repair Is Needed

Although refrigerators are touted to be a modern-day convenience, in reality they have become a necessity for preserving perishable foods. A complete breakdown of the appliance can throw a family into a downward spiral. Below are a few of the reasons that finding same-day repair services is the preferred route to take.

Maintaining Frozen Items
Frozen foods in a disabled refrigerator will stay in good shape for a few hours if the door is kept shut and it is relatively full. The fewer items there are, the less they will retain the cold and begin the thawing process. You will need to find another refrigerator to store the frozen items in, or purchase dry ice if you are not able to get same-day repairs.

The Short Life of Perishables
Perishable items in the bottom of the refrigerator have even less chance of surviving any length of time if you cannot get a repair technician out that day. You may have to drag out the cooler, purchase some ice and start making choices in what are the most important items to salvage.

Inability to Use the Appliance
Knowing you can pop into the kitchen and grab a cold drink out of the refrigerator is often taken for granted. You realize the significance of the loss once the refrigerator stops working. You must keep the doors shut to maintain the cool air until the repair technician drops in.

Cost of Replacing Spoiled Goods
Grab a calculator and begin adding up the cost of every item you have in the refrigerator. Make sure you include any and all condiments. The price tag for replacing this food can quickly become astronomical, especially if you just went shopping recently. Very few families can afford to sustain a huge loss on foods.

Busy and Hectic Schedules
Most families have to have two working parents. One will have to stay behind and deal with the repair issues. Having the possibility of waiting for a repair technician into a second day can cause friction with their employer. You need a service that can give you a firm commitment on when they arrive to do the repairs.

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