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Turning The Heat On

When you turn on the heater for the first time in the fall or winter, you might be surprised if there isn’t any heat that comes out of the vents. This is actually a common problem if you don’t maintain routine heating services Williamsburg VA companies perform through the year. If you know what to look for in regards to how the system is supposed to operate, then you’ll be able to better pinpoint what could be wrong when your turn the heater on and it doesn’t emit hot air.

A common issue that you might see is that there’s cold air coming from the vents. Check the thermostat to see if it’s turned to heat or cool. You should also check the temperature, adjusting it a few degrees to see if that will make a difference. A dirty air filter can cause hot air not to flow properly. At times, the ductwork might have a leak, which won’t be seen right away until it’s to the point where you need the ducts replaced. Walk beside the ductwork to see if you can feel air blowing through. You can sometimes repair portions of the ducts, but if the leak is severe, then it’s a good idea to get the entire system replaced so that moisture doesn’t get to the rest of the system.

Most new heaters have an electric ignition instead of a pilot light. This usually only applies to units that use gas or heating oil. Sometimes, the ignition sensors will get dirty, preventing the unit from lighting properly.

You want the home to stay warm in the winter, but you don’t want the heater to run all the time. Check around the home to see if there are any drafts that would keep the home cooler, forcing the unit to stay on so that the temperature stays warm. The thermostat might not be operating functionally. There could be certain areas of the home that aren’t heating as they should because a vent is blocked. These issues can often be diagnosed on your own, but there are components that might be better repaired by a professional to ensure that the unit functions as it should.


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