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Your new spring bedroom

bedroomThe new season marks a perfect opportunity to refresh your bedroom design and invite in the brighter months. Winter tends to feature heavier drapes and dressings, dark and cosy colours and sumptuous fabrics, but by the time spring arrives, most of us crave the lighter and brighter days – and the decor to match!

Even if you live in a rented property, it is still possible to mark your own personal stamp onto your living space – look online for inspiration. If your home is your own, you have total freedom!

The right colours
Spring colours tend to welcome in a palette of pastels, creams, duck egg blues and fresh shades. A soft powder pink is feminine and pretty, a pale yellow is classic, and a light fresh green works well for both sexes. Look at lilacs, soft greys, creams and off-white too – just avoid the standard magnolia and seek a more creative finish! Remember that you can pair colours for a complementary effect, and a good sales assistant within a paint concession can help you to do this well. Alternatively, look online for great colour and interior design blogs which will suggest fresh new shades. You can also welcome in spring with bold colour pops and neons, if paired with calmer neutrals. These look very fresh and youthful when applied well.

Window dressings
Lighter days mean an opportunity to drench your daytime space with natural light – one of the changing season’s greatest pleasures! Take down heavy and dark curtains and replace with a lighter alternative. Continental style dressings such as blinds are a great choice, or look at roman blinds, combined with a voile or attractive sheer curtain as necessary. Blackout blinds work well when the room needs to be darkened at night, so that you get the best of both worlds.

If your bedroom is a chaotic tip, resolve to bring calm and order into it by organising your possessions. Do a big spring clean and send anything that you no longer use or love to the charity shop. Give yourself a rule for keeping possessions – simply those that are useful, or that you find beautiful. This makes your daily life easier and quicker to manage. Those items that you do retain should be stored away properly – look at stacking boxes, drawer organisers, attractive storage bowls and boxes and other solutions to minimise clutter and counter top waste. This will increase the visual effect of the space and make your bedroom look bigger. Give everything a thorough clean and tidy.

The bed
The centrepiece of any bedroom, you can make quick and simple changes by updating the bedding with a fresh new cover set. Try adding a colourful headboard or simply painting on an effect by the top of the bed – wall transfers and stickers are a great way to do this easily. Swap dark sheets for light and fresh colours – or keep the black sheets if you like to spray tan over summer, and instead add a colourful duvet for contrast! Add decorative pillows for a show-stopping finish and a large decorative mirror above the headboard for added drama.


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