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Would Yoga on a Foam Bed be Right for Me?

With the benefits of exercise, and the different options for all sorts of people, there is no excuse for not being active these days. Whether you want to look good, feel good, or just do something new or fun, exercise is the solution.

One of the drawbacks of the emphasis on health these days is the perception of “gym culture,” with judgmental meatheads crashing weights and mocking newcomers. While this is becoming less and less of an issue, for some people, just the idea of the traditional gym is a turn-off.

For people looking for a different kind of exercise, yoga has proven to be popular and incredibly beneficial to health. Stretches and poses can target any area of your body, and give you a surprisingly intense workout without lifting a pound or running an inch.

Yoga is scalable as well, just as accessible to a day-one beginner as it is to a lifetime practitioner. In addition to the physical benefits, it offers a mental boost as well, serving as a calming, relaxing time for people, as they focus on the yoga and not the problems of their day.

Yoga classes are very popular, as are video and even online tutorials. Virtually the only equipment needed is an exercise mat you find supportive and comfortable, and an open mind. If it’s a way to fit your health into your daily life that you’re after, yoga is hard to beat.

Foam products such as closed-cell foam sheets, improvised to fit the concept of the traditional yoga mat has been found to be quite popular among those willing to pursue yoga in order to attain a perfect physiology. The Foam Factory, has been found to be one among the many online retail stores on the block that provide foam sheets that double up as a yoga mat and exercise padding and serve the purpose only too well.


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